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PMCampus specializes in providing 100% self-paced highly interactive instruction and delivers "anywhere, anytime" online training with no constraints of time or location.

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PMCampus is an Independent Education Provider. We have been providing continuing education services to the global project management community since 2005. The company is linked to a network of project management experts and lifelong learning champions who contribute to develop superior training and affordable e-learning experiences to the PMP certified community. Over the past 15 years, PMCampus has delivered more than 300,000 of PDU training hours and granted over 20,0000 certificates for PDU PMP Re-certification.
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Meet Our Subject Matter Experts and Virtual Instructors


Richard T. Barnes, B.S., MBA, PMP

Richard is a systems analyst and project manager consultant based in the Richmond, Virginia area since 1991. He earned his MBA from the University of Richmond in May of 2004, where he developed a valuation model for the evolving discipline of Competitive Intelligence.

Kay Morisset, MBA, PMP

Kay has more than 15 years of experience at developing innovative web-based training solutions. Her peer recognition includes being the 2001 recipient of the esteemed 1001 Talent Award and a nominee finalist to the Multimedia Mobius Prize. She is a member of the eLearning Guild for whom she presented on the topic of eLearning team development.

Tyrone Chin, B.Sc., MBA, PMP

Tyrone is a PMP Certified Project Manager with 10+ years of project management experience in residential remodeling and new construction projects, particularly in kitchen and bath renovation projects.

Rajesh Nair, B. Eng., PMP

Rajesh is a PMP Certified with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry. He has extensive experience working on projects for major clients in the Retail domain, Telecom Billing Domain, and Telecom Fraud Management.

Khaled Tawfik, B.Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP

Khaled is an International business professional with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and Business Strategy. Khaled brings an extensive knowledge of project management methodologies with emphasis on revenue and profit growth opportunities.

Barbara Franks, PMP

Barbara has 15+ years experience managing proprietary software development, integration and implementation projects, and conducting ad production workflow analysis to streamline processes and improve outcomes. She is also a highly respected technical trainer, who has designed and written course materials, and facilitated hundreds of hours of online and classroom-based training.

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PMCampus offers a catalog of continuing education courses, delivering PDU credits to PMP certified individuals who seek to update their skills and renew their PMP credential with convenient, relevant and flexible online training solutions.