45 PDU – Agile Fundamentals and Real World Applications * 75% Off * CLEARANCE as of Oct 1/2020 – Discontinued EOY

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Why taking this course and learn the Agile methodology?

Agile Project Management is a management approach that makes it possible for teams to complete high-quality work quickly and efficiently. This new series of PMP PDU continuing education courses is intended for project manager professionals who seek to earn PDU credits toward PMP recertification and update their knowledge and skills with incorporating the newest Agile and Scrum methodologies into their repertoire of project management tools and day-to day practice.

You will earn: 14.5 Technical PDUs – 11.5 Strategic PDUs – 19 Leadership PDUs – for a total of 45 PDUs.

After completing these courses, you will be able to report and claim the PDUs you earned by using the online PMI CCRS form. We provide instructions to make this final step of your PMP renewal training straightforward and quick.

As you renew your PMP certification and upgrade your skills, you will demonstrate to your employer a high level of proficiency to deliver projects and your commitment to a successful career.

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** * THIS COURSE IS PART OF OUR CLEARANCE SALE  – as of Oct 1/2020 – Will be discontinued EOY – You need to finish you course by Dec 30, 2020, no additional access will be granted for technical reasons.**


34 reviews for 45 PDU – Agile Fundamentals and Real World Applications * 75% Off * CLEARANCE as of Oct 1/2020 – Discontinued EOY

  1. Anonymous

    Overall, this was a good course.

  2. Anonymous

    I enjoyed the readings and performing the exercises.

  3. Anonymous

    I liked the post and vote. I liked the ability to see others posts

  4. Anonymous

    the website should make it easier to contact you.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder why we have to enter posts. I prefer just to read

  6. Anonymous

    My one suggestion – is that the site could be more intuitive – there also seems to be a little latency between completed units and scoring

  7. Anonymous

    I liked reading the slides without the narration.

  8. Anonymous

    I learned a great deal from taking this course – I am already working on Agile projects and this has helped me have a better understanding of the history of agile as well as the given me a common vocabulary.

  9. Anonymous

    I liked the course and the create a new you activity

  10. Anonymous

    There could be an extra topic to talk about Project Manager – PMO – Scrum Master interactions and responsibilities. That will help immensely.

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks overall the course is very interesting, helpful and on track for what I was hoping to learn.

  12. Anonymous

    some activities are redundant like recording your background statistics

  13. Anonymous

    Thank you for the material and activities, it made me think of what we have learned, how it can be applied and new ways to work in the future.

  14. Anonymous

    I liked the format and the ease of use. it is very helpful in learning. a good tool

  15. Anonymous

    Very good training. Thanks

  16. Anonymous

    thanks – overall an excellent value for the investment

  17. Anonymous

    Can’t expect better, all I need to learn about Agile and for a very good price

  18. Anonymous


  19. Anonymous

    I appreciate to be able to update my knowledge with this convenient format.

  20. Anonymous

    I am most impressed with the quantity and variety of examples and stories

  21. Anonymous

    I am already working on Agile projects, this gives me great insights into solving issues

  22. Anonymous

    Please consider using a darker higher contrast font color. Light gray is taxing on the eyes after awhile.

  23. Anonymous

    The Agile Fundamental is an excellent course. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  24. Anonymous

    This is my first experience with an online course and I can see the value of studying anytime anywhere.

  25. Anonymous

    I find the presentations were clear and concise.

  26. Anonymous

    My suggestion for new features is to add more examples

  27. Anonymous

    I feel much more confident about my daily practice. Money well spent.

  28. Anonymous

    The format works well for me. The Agile Fundamental is an excellent course.

  29. Anonymous

    I was happy to complete this course online and could do my study during my lunch break or in the evening so this was a very easy process overall.

  30. Anonymous

    I would highly recommend these courses as they are a terrific way to get your PDU’s and to evaluate what you need to focus on for self development.

  31. Anonymous

    I liked the web search and discover new resources. Great tool

  32. Anonymous

    Enjoyable course. Good mix of learning techniques

  33. Anonymous

    like it

  34. Anonymous

    Agile was scary for me. Thank you for simplifying it

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