60 PDU Courses for PMP® – REVIEW AND ADVANCED SKILLS * 75% Off *

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Earn 60 PDUs to renew your PMP and PMI certification with convenient and affordable online courses. This bundle provides an economical solution and covers subject matter that will enhance your resume.

60 PDU courses designed for PMP credential holders

This course bundle provides 60 PDU credits and an economical solution for PMP recertification. In addition, our online bundle includes courses covering subject matter that will enhance your resume in addition to earning PDUs. You will earn the right distribution of PDUs. Also, your PDU course includes all the minimum requirements of the PMI Talent Triangle skill areas – as detailed in the PMI CCRS requirements.

You will earn: 15 Technical PDUs – 23 Strategic PDUs – 22 Leadership PDUs – for a total of 60 PDU credits

After completing these PDU courses, PMP professionals are able to easily report and claim the PDUs. As soon as you complete your course, report the PDUs gained by using the online PMI CCRS form. We provide instructions to make this final step of your PMP renewal training straightforward and quick. Not sure how it works? How to earn PDUs.

As you renew your PMP certification and upgrade your skills, you will demonstrate to your employer a high level of proficiency to deliver projects and your commitment to a successful career.

New course content aligned with modern project managers training needs for 60 PDUs

This 60 PDU training contains six PDU courses providing the perfect combination to upgrade your skills and fulfill PMI requirements to maintain your PMP certification. The distribution of PDUs is in alignment with the new PMI Talent Triangle .

For example, this new PDU course series provides a review for modern PMP certified project managers including project management essential skills needed to succeed in a global and competitive context. Soft skills and alignment to business strategy are emphasized.

To sum up, this new series of PDU courses include a critical review of the most effective techniques to complete a project on time and on budget. Each course module is presented along with best practices and real-world conversations, designed by project manager professionals like you.

No doubt purchasing these courses online for 60 PDU credits and joining community today is a smart choice. Click here for more info about this 60 PDU course bundle.

39 reviews for 60 PDU Courses for PMP® – REVIEW AND ADVANCED SKILLS * 75% Off *

  1. Anonymous

    great course

  2. Anonymous

    I needed 60 PDUs and pmcampus was there for me. Keep up the good work

  3. Anonymous

    I am glad I could renew my PMP with pmcampus

  4. Anonymous

    all PDUs aproved without any issue. Only flaw I had to contact technical support for a browser issue. Quick answer though.

  5. Anonymous

    very satisfied with the course and customer service

  6. Anonymous

    after I submitted my PDU claim, I received my approval right way. Will use again in 3 years!

  7. Anonymous

    very good value for money

  8. Anonymous

    I have never been anything but very pleased with the support I’ve received from PMCampus.

  9. Anonymous

    This is an excellent course, and what a stress free way to renew my PMP .

  10. Anonymous

    The program provides exactly what it promises.

  11. Anonymous

    Anyhow, I am writing to say thank you so very much for your service.

  12. Anonymous

    This course was great and taught me new things I can do with MS project

  13. Anonymous

    I would highly recommend these courses as they are a terrific way to get your PDU’s and to evaluate what you need to focus on for self development.

  14. Anonymous

    The course was somewhat useful

  15. Anonymous

    The course gave lot of insight to Agile practice

  16. Anonymous

    I will use the skills acquired and the knowledge gained. Thanks for a practical, useful course.

  17. Anonymous

    thanks for providing this bundle

  18. Anonymous

    Great package for gaining 60 PDUs needed. Thanks!

  19. Anonymous

    I will use the skills acquired and the knowledge gained. Thanks for a practical, useful course.

  20. Anonymous

    I could access the courses quickly and got it all done within a week.

  21. Anonymous

    I am satisfied with the course and service.

  22. Anonymous

    At first I had an issue with reporting but that was resolved promptly by customer service. Some courses are retired it is confusing. My PMP renewal was successful.

  23. Anonymous

    I completed each course and sumbitted for PDUs. All approved by PMI .

  24. Anonymous

    I renewed my PMP easily that was my goal.

  25. Anonymous

    Good combination of self learning, real world examples, and research. Thanks.

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks to PMPCAMPUS for this great bundle.

  27. Anonymous

    This course has saved me at my PMP! Thanks again

  28. Anonymous

    Course is self paced, 100% online. Easy to report with instructions provided.

  29. Anonymous

    This course is an excellent resource for the PMP renewal, and I recommend it.

  30. Anonymous

    There were also some problems with resources but overall did the job

  31. Anonymous

    I will use the skills acquired and the knowledge gained. Thanks for a practical, useful course.

  32. Anonymous

    Great course

  33. Anonymous

    Not much in this course felt authentic and it did little to convey actual project management.

  34. Anonymous

    It’s saving me time and money

  35. Anonymous

    I found exactly what I was looking for.

  36. Anonymous

    Course easy to go through. Concepts well. Practical. explained.

  37. Anonymous

    efficient and practical

  38. Anonymous

    I like to be able to access 24/7. No videos I like reading. Great articles

  39. Anonymous

    Thank you big time

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