Hot Topics for PDUs and PMP continuing Education

Students share their comments and interests in the upcoming developments of online PDU Courses at PMCampus:

  • “The soft skills are important, no doubt. I find those topics interesting and have of course studied them. I find the harder skills much more interesting and with the constantly changing business landscape if you are not actively progressing you are falling behind. ”
  • “I prefer you continue to provide a breadth of subjects with the course length/price commensurate with the depth of subject. ”
  • “Risk management, Portfolio Management, Scheduling Management would be interesting to see on the list”
  • “Basically all these categories are very much needed for every project manager and to day to day job duties. Some leadership skills and other managerial skills may not be needed if you are not in a strategically driving role. But most current projects need even technical skills. So I’m interested in most of these.”
  • “It seems lately considerable focus has been directed on soft skills for project managers. That’s good but I skill like to sharpen my technical skills. Also see a trend where Program Managers need both project management and business analysis skills hence the need for expertise in budgeting, cost benefit analysis, and similar topics.”
  • “I really appreciate the technical skills portion as well as the Leadership/Managerial skills trainings. Finance and Analysis are also important to me, but I find them less interesting but necessary topics.”

We thank everyone for sending us their comments! 80% of students at PMCampus take PDU Courses to maintain their PMI Certification. What are the main reasons for taking PDU courses, see below.

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